1. General Information

In addition to the contents and services that the owner of the websites makes available to its users (the “Users”), these terms of use (the “Terms of Use”) establish together with the Policy Privacy and Cookies, relating to the management of personal data of Users, the rules for accessing and using the website hosted under the domain name equifoxglobal.com and under any subdomains or web pages that are dependent on it.

The User’s use of the website or access to it automatically and unconditionally indicates that they are aware of and agree to the Terms and Conditions. Because of this, it is advised that the User thoroughly read them each time they want to use the aforementioned website. The User must refrain from accessing and/or using the services and/or materials made accessible in said website and must abandon them if they do not agree with the terms outlined in these Conditions of Use.

For what it offers its Users in terms of current information about the most representative events related to the currency market, Equifox Global created the website as a way to share the most recent news and news from international experts on the foreign exchange market, including comments from these experts, economic calendars, and information of interest in relation to said market.

Users must be of legal age in order to use the services provided on the website, and by agreeing to the terms and conditions below, they confirm that they are of legal age and have the legal capacity to enter into contracts for the services provided on the websites.

In relation to the above, the User will be, in any case, responsible for the accuracy and veracity of the data provided to Equifox Global through the registration. Those users under age who are interested in contracting the Services will require prior authorization from their parents or legal guardians.

  1. Use Of The Page

The user agrees to use the websites only in accordance with the terms outlined in these Terms of Use and to refrain from engaging in any behaviour that is illegal, immoral, or otherwise against the law or public order. It must also refrain from engaging in commercial exploitation or advertising by sending messages under a fictitious name.

The Company solely assumes responsibility for the Websites in its capacity as a provider of information services; it disclaims all liability for any messages or publications that users may send or publish that violate these general terms and conditions. Users alone are responsible for the accuracy and legality of the contents they send or publish.

If the Company notices any usage of the Websites or any of the services provided within that may be deemed inconsistent with what is stated in these Conditions of usage, the Company may suspend the service of the Websites that the user is using and promptly end the relationship with the user.

The Company retains the right to decide whenever it wants whether to continue offering the information society services through its websites.

The Company has designated locations where users can engage in conversations and provide comments. These spaces are allotted by the website equifoxglobal.com, but it makes no contributions to them and assumes no liability for the comments or opinions made by users. The Company maintains the right to remove or suspend any contributions or comments that are in violation of these rules.

The User also assumes that the Company, if applicable, may submit such facts that can be considered an illegal action to the attention of the administrative or judicial authorities without the obligation to tell the User in advance.

  1. Purchasing Process

Payment method, cost, and taxes

You can pay for the Page’s payment service by using an online payment method that accepts electronic funds transfers. The user will establish a secure connection to either use a bank transfer or the websites of VISA, Mastercard, and PayPal. For each service and/or product offered, the pricing are listed on the Page, along with a breakdown of the associated shipping expenses.

Unless otherwise noted, all prices quoted include all relevant indirect taxes.

  1. Protection Of Navigation

It is convenient that, in addition to attending to the fundamental issues of computer protection, the following preventive steps should be taken into consideration when connecting to the Internet:

Use the most recent browsers.

If you don’t trust the sources from which your download comes, refuse to run programmes whose download happens automatically.

Verify that the automatic password reminder option is off before using any shared or public computers with other people.

  1. Intellectual And Industrial Property

The entirety of the Websites, including all text, images, trademarks, graphics, logos, buttons, software files, colour schemes, and other design elements, are protected by industrial and intellectual property laws and are the property of Equifox Global as the author of a collective work. Reproduction, distribution, public communication, and transformation of these elements are not permitted, with the exception of for personal and private use.

The Company does not warrant that the contents are correct or error-free or that the user’s unrestricted use of them will not violate the rights of others. The user is responsible for making good or ill use of this page and its contents.

The information on the Page may not be duplicated, retransmitted, copied, cessioned, or retransmitted in whole or in part for any reason or by any means without the Company’s prior written consent.

  1. LINKS

Links to other websites may be found on the Site. The Company has not examined or implemented controls over the pages that belong to third parties. In any instance, the Company disclaims all liability for the information included on these websites, as well as any privacy policies or practises that may have been implemented. The Company advises carefully reviewing the terms of use and privacy statement of these websites.

If you want to activate a link to one of the Company’s pages, you must inform us and have our express permission before doing so. The Company retains the right to object to links pointing to its website being activated.

  1. Under Age Users

Unauthorised children under the age of 18 are not permitted to access or use the portal.

The Company reminds users of legal age who are responsible for children that it is solely their obligation to assess which services and/or contents are inappropriate for the age of the latter.

The Company hereby notifies you that certain Internet content and services may be filtered or blocked by computer programmes, allowing, for example, parents or guardians to control what Internet content and services are accessible to children.

  1. Responsibilities

The Company will not be directly or indirectly liable for: The Page’s availability, correct functioning, speed of access, continuity of operation, or quality of service; the potential harm that using the Page may do to a user’s equipment.

The situations where a third party accesses the mails or uses them to remove computer viruses while compromising the security safeguards in place.

Vices and flaws in all types of transmitted, distributed, stored, or made available content.

The correctness or validity of the contents that users transmit while using the page or its services, as well as their legality, dependability, and usefulness. The Company has no control over how users use the website and makes no promises that they will do so in a way that complies with the terms of this Legal Notice.

Upgrading the information provided in the news sections.

The following are just a few examples of what the user will be in charge of:

Of the materials they introduced, particularly the data and information they transmitted to the company via the websites.

The conduct of any type of prohibited, harmful, or unlawful activity

Keeping your login and password private and not disclosing it to others helps avoid identity theft and the submission of false or erroneous information.


For any type of dispute arising from the use of the services offered or the contents of the Website, the parties, with the acceptance of the clauses established in these Terms of Use, the users can contact us directly.



Equifox Global provides its subscribers with general information, and it is strongly urged that they speak with a financial advisor before engaging in any trading.


Despite the fact that the Company believes all material supplied to be accurate and from credible sources, it makes no guarantees as to its completeness or accuracy and disclaims all responsibility for any damages that may result. Equifox Global does not offer personalised investment recommendations or advise on choosing a trading strategy. It also does not offer investment advice. The likelihood that any user of this service will attain the outcomes outlined in the webinar examples is not guaranteed. Theoretical performance and the final results that any trading platform achieves can differ significantly. There are a lot of variables that might effect actual buy/sell trading, whether they are related to the market as a whole or a specific information implementation.


Please make sure you have thought through your complete financial situation before you begin trading. This includes any financial obligations you may have. You should also be aware that trading is very speculative and that you could suffer substantial losses. Please contact us at support@equifoxglobal.com with any questions or claims