Risk Disclosure

  • Even if the services are promoted on the internet, Equifox Global is not responsible for any misappropriation, misrepresentation, falsification, or deception or for any inaccessibility of the services offered through the website.
  • Please report any hoax calls you receive that appear to be from Equifox Global to our help desk at support@equifoxglobal.com. moment a relationship manager is assigned to your profile after subscription. Without your permission, we never switch managers or move your profile to another department.
  • No employee may participate (directly or indirectly) in the global capital market, according to Equifox Global. Any entity or person connected to or associated with us as a professional is not allowed to participate in the trading business, according to the corporate code of legislation. To ensure that Equifox Global’s clients receive unbiased services, we forbid our employees from engaging in any sort of linked or unrelated business.
  • Equifox Global categorically states that various investment types carry varying levels of risk and that there can be no assurance that any particular investment or investment strategy (including those made or advised by Equifox Global) will continue to perform in a manner profitable or at a level consistent with its prior performance levels.
  • The website includes details of the services that Equifox Global is currently providing. The company reserves the right to occasionally modify the services it provides, add new ones, or discontinue any current ones in response to requirements or changes in regulations made by regulatory or law enforcement authorities.
  • As a financial consultancy, Equifox Global advises clients on profitable investment ideas based on market trends and in-depth research. We do not provide any execution services and we do not support any such claims.
  • The content of Equifox Global’s website may be modified, altered, or changed at any time. Customers are recommended to periodically update themselves.